Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Where’s this cool stuff I keep hearing about?

A short list of the things I keep hearing about and want the most:

  1. An electric car.  Even better would be a plug-in hybrid that can go around 60 miles on pure electric before needing to start the Internal combustion.  That would mean I could go to work and back on electric-only, yet I could still be able to go on longer trips if needed.  If I can’t have that, I’ll take a small electric car to get me to work and back and keep my current car for those longer trips.  Photovoltaics on the roof would be great too – even if it couldn’t fully charge my car while I’m at work, it would still reduce the amount of juice needed when I plug it in.
  2. A new smart phone.  I haven’t decided which one in particular, but I’d take a 32 GB iPhone, a phone running Windows Mobile 6.5 (like the HTC Touch Diamond2 or Touch Pro2) or one of the new Android phones like the Magic.  I need it now, not in Q2!
  3. A flying car.  I’ve been promised one of these in movies since the 80s.  Where’s my flying car?

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