Thursday, October 2, 2008


Like most people, I've been inundated with ever increasing levels of these foul, loathsome strings of characters.  I hate SPAM with a passion.  It's a complete waste - time, bandwidth, system resources, and money as you pay to combat this vile beast.  Does anyone actually buy crap from these messages?  Buying items from a SPAM message aught to be punishable by fines and imprisonment and sending it, by much worse.  I consider myself to be an enlightened individual, but fantasies of boiling oil and draw-and-quartering come to mind.

I have a solution though!  Pay-per-message.  The sender of the message pays a nominal fee to send the message to the destination, however the recipient of the message can "Validate" and accept the message in which case you get a full refund.  Voila!  It no longer makes sense to send message since all hope for profit flies to the wind yet messaging is still free.  The user will be able to set up "white lists" of addresses to automatically accept.

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